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Philly Stake is a recurring event celebrating locally sourced food and creative community projects; organized completely by volunteers. We hold events approximately every 3-4 months.

Stake dinners are seasonal meals sourced from local farms and purveyors. At each dinner, project proposals are presented to the diners. Community members pay a sliding scale ($10-$20) donation for dinner and an opportunity to vote for the project they deem most worthy for the funding. These projects aim to contribute to the vitality of Philadelphia in a multitude of innovative ways. Awardees will leave with the dinner proceeds and will present their project at the next meal.

Since September 2010 we have distributed $15,350 to 21 projects.

We will hold our next event in Winter 2014. Join our mailing list to receive information on the event and our call for project proposals.

A stake in the Philadelphia community
A stake in the arts and in creative thought
A stake in local organic food
A stake in local economy


Golden Arrows designed the Philly Stake logo and artwork on this site.
Alyssa Maloof is the Official Photographer of Philly Stake.
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